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How do I find a team for my child or start a team?

How is the FIRST Robotics program funded?

How does KC STEM Alliance support FIRST® in Kansas City?

What does it cost to run FIRST in Kansas City each year?

How many kids per team are allowed?

What is the relationship between US FIRST and KC FIRST?

What is the KC STEM Alliance and how is UMKC involved?

Where does funding come from for FIRST team grants and how are grants awarded?

Are teams prohibited from seeking funds for FIRST from area companies?

What is the benefit to supporting FIRST through KC STEM Alliance?

Does the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation offer seed grants to local FIRST teams?

How are fiscal, strategic, and management decisions made regarding KC FIRST?

What does the team registration fee cover?

What is the difference between team registration and tournament registration?

When is registration open (and other important dates)?

What's the difference between official and unofficial FIRST events?

How do I host an unofficial FIRST event?

How do I host an official FIRST event?

How do teams raise funds?

May we use the FIRST logo in our team promotional items/activities?

How much does it cost for a team?

Where do I get information (and what information comes from whom)?

How do teams advance?

How do I get involved with KC FIRST?

What is the KC EZ (Kansas City Engineering Zone)?