What does it cost to run FIRST in Kansas City?

FIRST in Kansas City includes four FIRST programs: Junior FIRST LEGO League (JFLL), FIRST LEGO League (FLL), FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).  The primary cost to run these programs is incurred during the competition tournaments and totals about $160,000.  Over the past two years (2013-2014 and 2014-2015), the costs of these events has held fairly steady and the following numbers are based on these last 2 seasons.  The following are the main expenses for each program and do not include any salaries.


KC Regional Tournament (held at MCC-BT and is a 3 day tournament with a full day of set up):  $115,000

    Large expenses include the venue rental, bleacher rental, A/V production, expo rental (pipe and drape, tables), and volunteer catering.


KC Qualification Tournament (held at Swinney Rec on UMKC campus and is a one day tournament):  $20,000


KC Championship (held at Union Station and is a one day tournament): $20,000

The registration fee that FLL teams pay to compete in the qualification tournament is used toward the cost of running the qualification tournaments so the cost of the qualification tournaments is negligible.


Cost is negligible for the JR FLL showcases are not competition events.

Salary costs for running these tournaments as well as growing and sustaining FIRST in Kansas City is about $100,000.  This amount is split among 5 paid positions within the KC STEM Alliance: FRC Regional DIrector, FLL and JFLL Partner, FTC Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and FIRST Specialist.

Additional costs include holding kick off events, coaches workshops for each program, and regional planning meetings for each program:  $5,000

There are overhead costs associated such as office space and travel to tournaments that are not included here.

This brings the total of running FIRST in Kansas City to $260,000.

In addition, the KC STEM Alliance provides grants to rookie and underserved teams that total $60,000 per year.