Meet Bob Crance: New FIRST® Senior Mentor

Bob Crance

If your team has competed at a Kansas City-area regional FIRST® Robotics Competition over the last decade, chances are you recognize Bob Crance, who frequently mans pit administration as a volunteer and mentors 1730 Team Driven. In his new role as regional FIRST Senior Mentor, Bob will share his wealth of experience with teams from across all FIRST programs.

Bob has worked at Black & Veatch for 37 years as a mechanical engineer, project leader and department manager, delivering solutions for mission-critical facilities for the U.S. government and major manufacturing industries. He jumped into FIRST in 2006 as an Engineering and Business/Communications Mentor for Team 1730 and has volunteered at FRC regional events since 2009. He’s also guided his own five sons through FIRST, a venture you can read about in this family profile from 2017.

Bob says his goals as Senior Mentor are to help FIRST teams provide greater opportunities for team members to become more competitive in all phases of the program, help teams achieve greater sustainability, and to grow the base of active mentors for all programs. You can reach Bob by email at