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Is your team nationally registered and paid? 
This is where you’ll find details about this season’s challenge and events happening in the Western Missouri/Kansas region. Your local contact is FIRST Robotics Competition Regional Partner Robert Dumler.

Robert works alongside KC STEM Alliance staff and the FIRST Robotics Competition Regional Planning Committee of key volunteers and regional tournament hosts to plan regional competitions and events.

Along with the information posted here, coaches will receive official email updates during the season. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook at KansasCityFIRST!


This Season's Challenge

From the machines that move us to the food that sustains us to the wireless technologies that connect us, energy plays an essential role in keeping our world running. During our 2022-2023 robotics season, FIRST® ENERGIZE℠ presented by Qualcomm, our teams will reimagine the future of sustainable energy and power their ideas forward. Innovation can’t wait.

This Season's Documents

This season’s challenge is Crescendo

2023-2024 Game and Season Manual

This Season's Updates

The FIRST Robotics Competition registration opens September 23.

Judging & Awards Updates

See updates for 2024.

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This Season's Grant Opportunities

Grants are available nationally and locally, including:

FIRST national FRC grants

KC STEM Alliance grants for teams in a six-county area:

  • Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas
  • Jackson, Platte, Clay and Cass counties in Missouri
  • Grants are awarded to teams with underserved populations, younger teams, teams new to fundraising and teams doing fantastic outreach.
  • Application is now open. Click here for full details and to apply.
  • Deadline for application is 5 p.m. September 22, 2023.


Kickoff for our Region

Regional Kickoff  Event Info

This season’s kickoff took place on Saturday, January 6, 2024.

Questions? Contact Robert Dumler.

Central Missouri Regional

Central Missouri Regional

March 6-9, 2024

Smith-Cotton High School – Sedalia, MO

Get more details here! 

Central Missouri Regional Public Agenda

Information Newsletter for Coaches and Teams:

Central MO Crescendo: 1st Edition

Central MO Crescendo: 2nd Edition

Central MO Crescendo: 3rd Edition

2024 Central Missouri Regional Results

Heartland Regional

Heartland Regional

March 13-16, 2024

Mill Valley High School, Shawnee, Kan.

Get more details here! 

Heartland Regional Public Agenda

Information Newsletter for Coaches and Teams:

Heartland Regional Crescendo: 1st Edition

Heartland Regional Crescendo: 2nd Edition

Heartland Regional Crescendo: 3rd Edition

2024 Heartland Regional Results:

Greater Kansas City Regional

Greater Kansas City Regional

April 3-6, 2024

Lee’s Summit North High School – Lee’s Summit, MO

Get more details here! 

Greater Kansas City Regional Public Agenda

Information Newsletter for Coaches and Teams:

Greater Kansas City Regional Crescendo: 1st Edition

Greater Kansas City Regional Crescendo: 2nd Edition

Greater Kansas City Regional 2023 Results:

Registration for Regionals

Your annual team registration fee to FIRST covers your kits of parts and participation in one Regional Event. Team registration opened in September.

Learn more here! 

Regional Cancellation Policy

Because cancellations would be made after the team receives its kit of parts, FIRST Robotics Competition Refund Policy does not refund the annual team registration fee.

Please refer to the updated FIRST Robotics Competition Payment Terms for more details.

Off Season Opportunities

Check the Calendar and the tab under NEWS for Team News & Events.

World Championship and other out of region events

The 2024 FIRST Championship is scheduled for April 17-20, 2024. More information about the FIRST Championship can be found here.

FAQs and Calendar

What is FIRST Choice and how can our team benefit?

FIRST Choice enables your team to use credits to get more parts for your robot.  Learn more here about what your Kit of Parts benefit gets you including FIRST Choice.

More information:  Kit of Parts Information

Is there an FRC Coach Meeting?

Yes, the FRC Coach Meeting and Roundtable will be held on 10/22/2020 for regional coaches.

Links to what was presented and notes will be shared after the events.

Upcoming FIRST Robotics Competition Events