Challenge yourself to create change: Volunteer with FIRST

Help us to change lives, change our culture and change the future! Whether you have a few weekend hours, the desire to mentor a team for a season, or want to work behind the scenes to help FIRST grow, opportunities abound for people who want to give back.


What types of volunteer opportunities are there?

Event Day Volunteer

FIRST events are an exciting way to see youth in action, applying the knowledge and skills developed through team participation. FIRST event-day volunteers help both behind the scenes and in highly visible roles. Many roles do not require any technical expertise.

Team Volunteers: Mentors and Coaches

Team mentors and coaches work side-by-side with FIRST teams to build self-confidence, knowledge and life skills while motivating young people to pursue opportunities in science, technology and engineering. They have a variety of backgrounds, but all share in the FIRST commitment of inspiring young people, their schools and communities an appreciation of science and technology, and how mastering these can enrich the lives of all.

The time required varies by program. Teams not only need week-to-week guidance on the technology of their building and/or science projects, but they need guidance on organizing outreach and fundraising efforts in their community. Coaches and mentors do not need to have any technical expertise—just a willingness to inspire youth. Although some teams need topic-related expertise for a short period of time, these positions generally require a six-month commitment.

What roles are available at tournaments?

Each FIRST program offers a range of positions from technical to non-technical. Read about roles available for each program below:

FIRST LEGO League Jr. Volunteer Roles
FIRST LEGO League Volunteer Roles
FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer Roles
FIRST Robotics Competition Volunteer Roles

Is there an age requirement for volunteering?

You must be 13 years or older to volunteer.

Do I need to be affiliated with a student or school to volunteer?

No, you do not need to be affiliated with a student or school to volunteer. FIRST volunteers are people from all walks of life who come together to lead by example in the ways of science, technology and citizenship.

What is the time commitment for volunteering?

Time commitments vary by role. You and your family can decide together how much time you can devote to the program. Even if you only have a few weekend hours, your time will be well spent and make a positive difference.

What time of year does volunteering occur?

FIRST volunteer opportunities typically occur during the school year (August-May). Because each FIRST program follows its own season calendar, you’ll find opportunities to support each of the programs throughout the year.

Where are volunteer opportunities located?

FIRST Kansas City serves many areas of Kansas and Missouri including urban, suburban and rural parts of our region. Whether you are volunteering for an event or directly with a team, there is likely an opportunity available within a short drive.

FIRST dates for 2019-20 for volunteers is a quick reference of the local tournaments.  For more information, check the events calendar (or see the bottom of this page) for upcoming events (official FIRST events will also be listed in the Volunteer section of your FIRST account dashboard).  For an overview of teams in our area, see the 2018-2019 Participating Schools Grid  under each program column. If you have an interest in a particular team or have other questions, please contact us via the “I want to find out more” form on this page.


What is the initial volunteer registration process?

If you are new to volunteering with FIRST, begin by creating a profile on the FIRST headquarters website. Start here.

The FIRST Volunteer Registration User Guide walks you through the process step by step and includes answers to frequently asked questions.

Once you have activated your FIRST account, complete the “About You” and “Expertise” sections to help us match you with volunteering roles that fit your interests. This information helps us be aware of dietary restrictions for catering, proper shirt size and any physical limitations that may prohibit you from participating in certain volunteering roles.

How do I volunteer for specific events and volunteering roles?

Once you have completed the initial volunteer registration process and have passed the background screening, you may apply for specific events and volunteering roles in the Volunteer Role Application section. You can edit/delete your applications at any time before you are assigned a role by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Why is there a background check for volunteers?

FIRST is serious about student safety. We strive to create an environment in which team members can grow, learn and have fun with minimal risk of injury.

To ensure a safe environment for all FIRST team members, every adult volunteer from the United States and Canada must complete a background screening through the Volunteer Registration process.

Learn more about the FIRST Youth Protection Program.

Are meals provided for volunteers at events?

Yes, we do provide meals for most volunteer positions. Please indicate any dietary restrictions in the “About You” section of the Volunteer Registration System.

Who do I contact for additional support in starting as a volunteer?

We are excited that you are interested in volunteering with FIRST!

Use the “I want to find out more!” form on this page to contact us directly for additional support.

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