WPI Lib Workshop

Dear Coaches,

FRC Team 2357 “System Meltdown” is pleased to announce we are holding a WPI Lib Workshop on August 10, 2019!

This workshop is open to area teams who would like to work on their C++ and Java programming proficiency using the WPI Library to control their RoboRIO. It will be at our school/shop location in Peculiar, MO and will run from 9am to 4pm (load-in starting at 8:30).

Raymore-Peculiar Sr. High School


The day will consist of mostly open workshop time with other teams, along with some relevant talks from our participants. We can accommodate up to 15 teams for this event with up to 5 team participants each. We will provide access to your own table and floor space, a carpeted open practice area, and a field area with Deep Space practice elements.

While various skill levels are welcome, all participants are expected to already be familiar with either C++ or Java. (We will not be using Labview or other languages for this workshop, sorry!)

Each team will need to bring:

* A RoboRIO-powered robot, drive base, or dev board + batteries
* Laptops for their participants to use
* Power strip and 3-prong extension cord

* $10 for each participant to cover provided lunch, snacks, and drinks

If your team is interested in sending up to 5 people to this workshop, sign up below! And if you have questions, send them to kevin.killingsworth@raypec.org



Kevin Killingsworth

Assistant Coach, FRC 2357 “System Meltdown”